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Released on 25.12.12


released December 24, 2012



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Alectό Volos, Greece

3-piece band from Volos, Greece.
'Minyma' 7" out now!
Playing music and sharing our ideas through it.
Ideas that can and must be turned to action.

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Track Name: Slow Life Decay
Get the feelings back that they stole from us the moment we grew up
Enjoying every day your slow life decay, decided to forget and conform like the rest
This life means nothing if we’re silenced
Stop drowning in pain, grow some self-respect
You now found a weapon, it lies within yourself
Enjoying every day their slow life decay, decided to fight back.
Track Name: Daesmotes (Δεσμώτης)
Put your pride aside,
put your view aside!
Now listen.
This is the most vigorous game,
described as well, as immortal flame!
That's where you fail to play.
That's where you get burnt, all the way.
Junk is all they make you need.
That's the plan, then you can't breed.
Breed life, breed smile, breed authentic use of time.
Build up walls and gates for your precious mind.
Now, stop living in cells.
You know, the cells you see.
Now, stop living in cells.
You know, the cells you feel.
Now, stop living in cells.
The ones you're happy to be in.
Now, stop living in cells.
The ones you refuse to see.
But in the long run, you'll be happy to know.
You'll be happy to know.
You'll be happy to know.
Track Name: I Deserve My Heartbeats
Routine will eat my guts till there’s no more pain in these hands, no more beats in this heart
Lying bones in the bed trying to steal some more sleep from the awaken Sun
Only one chance to live, and we’ll run away
Do not worry cause there are no beds for the aching bones here, only cold floors and warmer souls, dreaming of home will keep us safe
But like a bird in the cage, trapped in this city full of lights, that burn your skin and calm your rage
They always say that home is where the heart is but my heart beats for these 30 minutes of life
Those endless summer nights wasting time by the sea shore
Those endless summer nights, no lights, no hope, just dreams
Track Name: The Furies
Our days of decency and purity are long gone, you polluted our minds with plastic dreams and broken hopes
Words don’t mean a thing when hearts can’t beat and hands can’t feel
When slaves obey and masters take the wealth to feed their hungry souls. unless we force the clouds and make them pour blood upon the ruler’s hearts, rot their insides and hang themselves with their ties, residues of their forgotten smiles eaten by their social values
Death upon those who forgot how to smile.