The Furies

from by Alectό



The Furies, in the ancient Greek mythology, were female cthonic deities of vengeance. Light bearers from the underground of Gaia, hunting the unjust. We are our own Furies, hunting the unjustice in ourselves, spreading the death of immorality, until our dreams and hopes shine and act above our masters.


Our days of decency and purity are long gone, you polluted our minds with plastic dreams and broken hopes
Words don’t mean a thing when hearts can’t beat and hands can’t feel
When slaves obey and masters take the wealth to feed their hungry souls. unless we force the clouds and make them pour blood upon the ruler’s hearts, rot their insides and hang themselves with their ties, residues of their forgotten smiles eaten by their social values
Death upon those who forgot how to smile.


from Minyma, released December 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Alectό Volos, Greece

3-piece band from Volos, Greece.
'Minyma' 7" out now!
Playing music and sharing our ideas through it.
Ideas that can and must be turned to action.

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